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      Please read the below before placing a clothing order.

      All clothing items (t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies) are made to order and we work with an external supplier to produce these items. We always advise to allow up to 14 business days (not including weekends and bank holidays) for your order to be produced, and in normal circumstance we usually ship orders much quicker.

      During the current pandemic our supplier is experiencing significant delays which is obviously having an impact on our business. As a result clothing items are taking much longer to be produced and shipped, and on occasions this is more than 14 business days. All orders are closely monitored and will be fulfilled.

      As ever we appreciate every order, but please only order clothing items if you are prepared to be patient and understand these delivery timescales and the potential for further delays. Your order will be shipped the same day it arrives with us and you will receive a notification when it’s been shipped. To allow us to focus on getting orders prepared and shipped as quickly as possible please only contact us (via email never on social media) to enquire about clothing orders after 14 business days has passed.

      All other products are following normal shipping timescales. As always all items ordered will be shipped together so please consider this if you are ordering clothing with your other products.

      Many Thanks 

      Gavin & Leanne