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      Hally Designs features the original artwork of North East based designer Gavin Hall. The name deriving from his nickname growing up. Originally from Hartlepool, Gavin spent many years living in different areas of the UK before settling in Gateshead with his wife and two children.

      Gavin has developed a style of work that is digital whilst retaining a hand drawn feel.  A key component of his work is the bold colours and attention to detail, which captures his positive relationship with the subject matter.

      Gavin work explores many themes relevant to his life such as Football, TV, Film, Music and the Computer Games he played as a kid.  Gavin is fascinated by architecture and urban environments influenced by his travels around Europe, South East Asia, Australasia and the USA. 

      Gavin’s work pays homage to the themes and experiences prevalent in his childhood and adolescent years.  It highlights his relationship with football and the aspects that influenced him growing up. That period before the internet and social media, an era of Italia 90, Fantasy Football and Football Italia to name a few.

      Gavin was always a keen artist as a youngster, spending many hours designing football shirts and comics.  Despite this he spent more than twenty years working in a non-related career.  The purchase of a sketch book and pens one weekend, to rekindle his love of drawing, became the first step towards the small independent business that you see today. 

      Gavin’s work has gained worldwide following and as a result he has been honoured to work with, and have his designs featured by, a number of brands, football clubs and periodicals such as Four Four Two, Soccer AM, Ajax Life and Staantribune.